Frank Walton is an independent Norwegian eyewear company founded in 2014. We sell high quality frames and sunglasses. All of our frames are designed in Oslo, Norway and made with high quality materials sourced from countries such as Italy and Germany. 

The beginning
Frank Walton’s founder, Espen Kopperud, established Frank Walton after he quit his finance and economics studies at Bocconi University in Milan. The previous year he had been unable to find a fitting pair of glasses he really liked. A lot of frames available tended to have lavish logos and unnecessary details. What happened to the classic frames from the 1960s? Inspired to create the perfect frames, Espen started doing immense research into the industry. One year later, in 2014, Frank Walton’s first frames were sold to the first of many excited clients.

The name
Inspired by the 1960s’ vintage frames typically worn by professors, intellectuals and movie stars. Our founder took the name Frank and Walton from two professors that lectured respectively at Harvard and Yale in the 1960s. We like to think of Frank Walton as a stylish professor in his late 50s wearing a pair of classic turtle shell specs during his lectures. 

Frank Walton is an independent eyewear company. Our frames are handmade in small batches using high end materials. In manufacturing, the frames go through a delicate process that require more than 100 steps. All frames go through a quality check at the factory before they are ready to be sold. The materials we use to manufacture our frames are sourced from several countries, but mainly we use materials from Italy and Germany

All of our frames are designed at our office in Oslo, Norway. When designing our frames our focus is on making classic frames with clean details that will be just as stylish in ten years as today. Functionality is very important to us. The frames should sit well and be comfortable. After all it’s a product you often use daily. The design process typically takes six months from the idea to the frames are ready for production. Our frames feature a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours.

Oslo has played an important role in our history. It’s the city that has witnessed the birth and development of our company. The city has in a lot of ways forged our company and the way we do business. The Norwegian capital is modern, environmentally focused and innovative,
we aim to be the same.

In Frank Walton we have a deep commitment to the environment. We aim to create products with a classic design that do not go out of fashion. Longevity with the lowest possible impact is always our goal in everything we do and make. We are at all times encouraged to think of new ways to be responsible. As we develop, we are working to source more materials that are renewable.

Glasses break. When you buy Frank Walton full price frames, you always get a 12-month warranty. If your frames break or get damaged within 12 months of your purchase, the first replacement is on us. So, we will replace them with a brand new pair.

Frank Walton is always looking for talented people to join our team. We believe that great things happen when talented and inspired people get together. See all opening positions here.

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